Monday, June 29, 2009

Johannesburg South Africa

It is winter her in Jo'Burg. It is very convincing, the trees are bare, the grass is brown and it is very cold early and later in the day. (38 degrees F). This outing to the modest, edge of the city Lion Park was the capper on one of the all time great travelling transitions. We started the day yesterday at Stratford on Avon, had a nice train ride to London, hopped on the Heathrow Express train and flew overnight on South Africa Air. I have never changed seasons in a day before. And they are saying it is 29 and humid in London, so we will know it when we change back later this week. But today, it is winter. And the winter light is beautiful here.

We are staying the the Melrose Arch Hotel which is part of the African Pride chain. The decor is is hip and quirky.

In Stratford on Saturday we visited Shakespeare sites which got us into the mood for "As You Like It" which was a thrill. The Royal Shakespeare actors overcome the language and historical context for the jokes barriers and make it clear what is going on and what is funny. They have amazing stamina.

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