Monday, June 22, 2009

Arriving Dubai

It is so amazing to get on a plane and sleep and listen to my ipod, hang at the Munich airport and have thai chicken soup, and sleep and read and land in Dubai.

The five a.m. arrival gave us a full day here, Sheree headed to the office, where she had a great day. And I headed out for a latte. Starbucks is right here in the hotel complex, and it all felt very normal getting my latte, except the menu was in Arabic and the handsome young business men I was lined up with were in mufti. I wanted to take a picture but it seemed just too ridiculous.

I hopped a cab to catch the big bus, a double decker, hop on and off ,with unintelligible gibberish over the headphones just like in London. Fellow tourists were from India, Poland, Italy and England. The Dubai Museum was a great answear to "how did all this get here?". Struggled a bit to find the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House on the next stop. June is off season and things are very quiet.

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